The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai

The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai Detailed Overview

  • Soaring 2,565m above sea level is Doi Inthanon – Thailand’s highest peak that’s surrounded by a 1000-sq-km national park dotted with dozens of hiking trails and waterfalls. It is THE iconic picture of Chiang Mai that you see in all the travel and destination brochures.
  • The easiest way to Doi Inthanon is by renting one of the ‘red trucks’ from downtown Chiang Mai which will take approximately 3 hours for the one way journey. The ride is rickety and not the best, but it gets you there.
  • For those more adventurous, grab a motorbike/scooter and hit the road for an awesome 1-day road trip! The drive on the main highway isn’t the greatest, but it’s nice once you get into the national park.
  • We wanted to catch the sunset so we left Chiang Mai around 12:30pm. Once your past Chaing Mai, the traffic really dies down, and you’ll be cruising on straight open roads for the first half of the drive. There are lots of small towns and waterfalls along the way so take your time stopping in and seeing it all. Our favorite was Mae Klang waterfall where we stopped, ate a snack, did some handstands and took some photos. Continue up the road and you’ll get to the first gate where you’ll buy your park entrance tickets. It’s 300 Baht, plus 20 for a bike for the day and you’ll be required to show this up the mountain so make sure you get one. There are more waterfalls along the route from the 1st to the 2nd checkpoint.
  • Absolutely stay for sunset at Doi Inthanon. Being cold and dark was secondary to the peaceful sunset after the journey up. For the best spot to watch the sun go down, head to temple on the left side and go up one or the two flights of stairs. Go right past the escalator into the garden and make your way left. You’ll find yourself on a green patch of grass overlooking endless mountains.
  • Remember you’re up in the mountains and it will get cold, so make sure you bring extra layers – a jacket for sure… even a beanie and gloves.

The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai

The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai What I liked Most

Seeing this sunset with no one else but us. No buses, no tourists. Just the rolling hills and quiet

The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai How did you get there?

From Chiang Mai, we hopped on scooters and started the 3-hour journey. We head South on 121 to 3035, took a right on 108, and took another right to 1009. This windy road will take you all the way to the highest point in Thailand. Here is the Google Maps route.

The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai Pro Tips

  • Leave a little earlier and stop in at all the waterfalls along the way if you have time. They are included in the price of the ticket to Doi Inthanon park.
  • Sunset in November was at 5:47pm. Check the time and don't miss it! You'll be riding back home at night so bring multiple layers, and gloves if you have them. It's really cold up in the mountains.
  • Bring earbuds and load some music for offline. There's nothing better than mountain roads on a scooter than mountain roads on a scooter with your favorite music.

The Peak of Doi Inthanon ride die chiang mai Cost Details

You can rent scooters easily in Chiang Mai for around $7/day.

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