The Best Beaches in The Riviera Maya

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The Best Beaches in The Riviera Maya 

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Mexican beaches are breathtaking and everyday they are becoming more popular as travel destinations for tourists. The Riviera Maya goes from Puerto Morelos at the north, all the way to Tulum, at the south; and it runs along the Caribbean coastline which is located in the state of Quintana Roo.

The Best Beaches in The Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya has a coast that goes over 100 miles, filled with the most natural and white sand beaches that you’ll ever see.The Mexican Caribbean is ideal for everyone given that it offers from relaxing spots, to festival and party destinations, but regardless of where you go, you will find stunning beaches around you.

If you happen to find yourself in the Riviera Maya, here are some beaches that you must visit:

Playa del Carmen

What used to be more of a fisher town, has now turned into one of the trendiest places in the Riviera Maya. The town is still small enough to travel by foot, and to get to know all its shopping malls, bars, and especially its beach. From casual beaches to luxurious beach clubs, you can find everything here. Given its popular environment, Playa del Carmen has adapted itself to its sophisticated lifestyle, and its beaches show this aspect too.

Beach club recommendations:

Mamitas Beach Club- Which offers a more luxurious environment to relax in the beach, resembling the beach clubs at Ibiza.

The Blue Parrot- right in front to the beach, with swings instead of chairs in a bar, and it also offers numerous attractions like nightly fire shows at the beach.

Puerto Morelos

This beach is filled with exclusive and public beaches for anyone who visits. Often people come here to snorkel and walk through the beach which is very wide. You could also shop around given that there are a lot of smalls stores along the beach, or even hire a tour guide to show you around.

Isla Mujeres

Just a short boat ride from Cancun you will find Isla Mujeres, one of the top hot spots of the Riviera Maya. Ideal for families and couples, the beach is beautiful and filled with palm trees and seashells all around. At night, this place holds a very popular nightlife, with bars all over the beach and even inside the town. Here people can even experience the Natural Reef Park, filled with snorkel activities through reefs and cliffs in their turquoise waters.


What was viewed before just as ancient relic for its pyramids, now it is also cherished for its stunning views and gorgeous beaches. Right in front of the Caribbean sea, Tulum has one of the clearest waters in the Mayan Riviera. Here you can take a look at the natural setting behind the cliffs, and relax in cabanas along the beach.

Sian Ka’an Beaches

Just at the south end of Tulum you can find more exclusive and less filled beaches like the Sian Ka’an Beaches which have access to a gorgeous spot called Playa Akun. The entrance is quite economic and definitely worth the view. For such an economic price you will find a gorgeous exclusive beach that only the locals know of.

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