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Shark Cage Diving Detailed Overview

Visiting Cape Town and in need of an adrenaline rush? Get yourself over to Gansbaai and book yourself a shark cage diving tour!

A couple hours outside of Cape Town is the ocean town of Gansbaii, which is home to some of the best shark cage diving in the country.

Yes, it’s true that Great White sightings in the area have been down to the fact that Orcas are, you know, killing them, _but_ there are still plenty of sharks to be seen face to face. On our trip, we saw a Great White from a distance and were able to stare at 2-6 Copper Sharks right in the eyes while in the cage.

I recommend emailing with the company beforehand to ask about the status of the Great White sightings for that timeframe. I found the company to be refreshingly honest about the lack of sightings and they reassured me that there would still be sharks to see (and there were).

Also, if you don’t see any Great Whites, they give you the choice between a partial refund or another trip free of cost.

Thanks to Africa Geographic for the video footage, and great white shark tours for the additional photos!

Shark Cage Diving south Africa wildlife

Shark Cage Diving What I liked Most

The overall quality of the trip was really fantastic. The meals provided were actually really good, there were plenty of crew members helping out on board, everything felt safe and in control, and the honest communication from the company was appreciated.

Shark Cage Diving How did you get there?

We rented a car and drove from Cape Town to Gansbaii.

Shark Cage Diving Pro Tips

  • Bring a bathing suit for your dive, a sweater for the boat ride, and a change of clothes to change into after the dive.
  • Sea sickness was very real, so any sort of prevention you can get would be a wise idea.
  • Bring your GoPro! The water can be murky, but you'll still get some great footage.

Shark Cage Diving Cost Details

~$140 to dive, ~$125 to go on the boat and not dive

Shark Cage Diving Additional info on transportation

Additional ~$33 for transport to and from Cape Town

Shark Cage Diving Additional info on food

Breakfast, snacks, and lunch are all provided (and surprisingly good)

Half Day
Transportation, Food, Drinks

Booking Info

Shark Cage Diving
+27 028 384 1418
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