Overnight Junk-Boat Cruise VIETNAM

Overnight Junk-Boat Cruise Detailed Overview

  • Probably the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, Halong Bay is a collection of roughly 1600 islands and often referred to as one of the worlds natural wonders. There are plenty of options when it comes to cruising in Halong Bay, with most fitting under one of the three categories: budget, mid-range and luxury (for reference, the luxury level cruises are akin to a 5 star resort room type on board, with diverse forms of entertainment). 2-day 1-night tour in a Junk Boat (type of boat) to Halong Bay. We chose one of the mid-range options – better boat and better sleeping cabins
  • There are plenty of tour options to go here, as well as variances in length, so feel free to shop around in Hanoi at any of the tourist centers, hostels/hotels or carts on the street.
  • Booking from a hotel vs. hostel or shop is also not a worry, as all places end up aggregating towards the same boat or trip. There’s no need to book in advance – it’s much cheaper and very easy to book when you get there.
  • Thanks to Steven Kawamura  for capturing the beauty of the bay from the sky. Checkout the rest of his channel here: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqqNiQ2F7Z5IVMI-sRyPPcg)

Overnight Junk-Boat Cruise VIETNAM

Overnight Junk-Boat Cruise What I liked Most

Reading a book on the deck of the boat as you cruise through the islands on either side

Overnight Junk-Boat Cruise Pro Tips

  • Take a book/cards or something to keep you occupied. There isnt really much to see or do during the cruise to the islands
  • 2 days was great given our time constraints, but the next time i'm in the area i'll likely spend a bit more time on the boat, perhaps a 3 or 4 days experience to see some of the other surrounding areas and take time to bike around the other islands.
  • Bring warm clothes if you're going in Winter time - it gets COLD at night time

Overnight Junk-Boat Cruise Cost Details

We payed roughly $125 USD each, but tours in Vietnam are pretty cheap and have a TONNE of competitors so prices are reasonable no matter what option you go with. B

Overnight Junk-Boat Additional info on transportation

The tour starts in Hanoi in the north of Vietnam with a hotel hotel pick up and van ride to the waterfront which takes about 3.5 hours. Return journey is the same, with a hotel drop off on the evening on the last day of the tour.

All The Feels
$$$$ ($75-$150)
Multi Day
Transportation, Food

Booking Info

Not needed for this side trip

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