Mother/Daughter Weekend at Sugar and Spice Ranch

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 Mother/Daughter Weekend at Sugar and Spice Ranch

Greetings from the Bahamas! Our long-awaited Disney cruise is finally underway after waiting for months. While we’re gone, I’ve asked my friend, April, to guest post about a trip that she enjoyed. She chose to write about her experience taking her daughter to a horse ranch in Texas. April lives in Texas with her husband and five children. All photo credits belong to her.

Mother/Daughter Weekend at Sugar and Spice Ranch

I am so excited to guest post for Allison while she is living it up in the Caribbean!  When she asked if I would post, my mind immediately went to a mother/daughter trip I took last year with my daughter.

Every year my husband and boys go on a hunting trip.  Wanting to do something equally memorable with my girls, I tried to find something that would be fun, engaging and entertaining.  I wanted to stay away from the stereotypical girly things like manicures and spas (don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like a good pampering session) so I did a little research and stumbled upon a cute mother/daughter horse riding weekend getaway in a tiny town in Hill Country, outside of San Antonio, Texas.  My daughter, a horse enthusiast, was beside herself with excitement and we couldn’t wait for our little adventure together.

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About the mother/daughter weekend

Sugar and Spice Ranch did not disappoint.  It is run by a horse expert, Ms. Leigh. Her daughter, Patricia, helps out as well.  It was very organized, everything was done right on schedule and we had the perfect balance of structured activity and free time.

We had a total of three two-hour rides with the horses.  I can’t remember if Friday night was supposed to include a ride, but we got there so late and it was so cold we skipped right to dinner.  It was fun because the rides included horse care and friendshipping (not sure if that is the technical word) as well.  We spent time grooming the horse and getting to know it.

During the actual ride, we went down to the horse track to practice riding.  We did obstacle courses and races (race is a relative term).  Then we took a trail ride through the property.  It was so fun to see the different personalities of each horse.  Brooklyn’s horse was a bit feisty and she really had to show her who was boss!  My horse, Tiny (he was anything but), was the world’s most laid back horse. He appeared to be falling asleep when he wasn’t walking!  Due to our beginner nature, there were a few tense moments that Ms. Leigh and her daughter handled perfectly!  When Brooklyn was feeling nervous, Patricia would walk beside her and they always made sure we were comfortable around the horses.

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About Sugar and Spice Ranch

The weekends are all inclusive so leaving the property is unnecessary.  Housing is a quaint little one room cabin that holds four bunks (up to eight people).  There were four of us- myself, my daughter and another mother/daughter pair; it was just perfect.  Any more might have been a little tight, but people do it all the time so it must work!  It would be really fun to go with family and friends since the living quarters are so cozy!

The meals were delicious and hearty, after a long day of horse riding.  S’mores by the fire capped off a wonderful day.

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What to do when you’re not riding

Not going to lie, the best part of the whole weekend was the kittens and puppies.  Six week old lab puppies filled every moment of free time.  Brooklyn begged me to bring one home and I had to resist, however, it is not a coincidence that a month later we acquired a chocolate lab puppy of our own!

Our mother/daughter weekend exceeded our expectations and Brooklyn had so much fun that she left in tears.  Though I am not sure I would bring anyone younger than about 7 (they advertise ages 5 and up) we will most definitely be back when my other little ones are old enough.  If you are ever in the area and looking to get away, make sure to check out Sugar and Spice Ranch!

Have you heard of the Sugar and Spice Ranch? 

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