Incredible island house located off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia

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 the coast of Cartagena Detailed Overview

  • Incredible island house located off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Relax in a world of paradise – the name really tells it all, “Casa en el Agua” is literally a house on the water  off the coast of Cartagena in Colombia, it is the perfect place to kick back, get some vitamin D and sip a cold beverage or two in the middle of the Caribbean. With limited space in the small house (around 30 people), go with a small group or go yourself. You’ll find interesting conversation either way. Amazing food prepared by local chefs who boat into the house daily.
  • A guided boat will pick you up in the marina in Cartagena. The boat is a large transportation boat where you’ll meet other friendly faces you’ll be on the island with. The 2.5hr boat ride will take you through the Caribbean (at one point you’ll see 360 views of just water) where you’ll reach the island house. From here, you’ll meet the staff, check-in and be given a private tour of the island. Get you stomachs ready because you’ll immediately be served lunch followed by anything you wish to do; sit in the sun, have a beer, nap in a hammock – anything you want. They present the options and you make the choices.


**shout out to Grateful Gypsies for the amazing video above**

Incredible island house located off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia

 the coast of Cartagena What I liked Most

Incredible views and the short trip to Islote (neighboring island) to take incredible photographs.

 the coast of Cartagena Pro Tips

  • BRING CASH. They don’t take credit cards so be sure to bring cash. That said, while in the house you can run a tab but at the end, everything needs to be paid in cash. Also, food and drinks can be paid at end of stay on a tab
  • Bring a book or some sort of Audio book. There are speakers that play in the house and you’ll want to listen to something of your own.
  • Many people sleep in hammocks so bring a pillow if you want some head support
  • SUNSCREEN - ohhh, did I say sunscreen?? You can’t have enough of it.

 the coast of Cartagena Cost Details

"$$$ (140-350) Two things I mainly paid for: accomidations and the boat ride to the island. Here's the cost breakdown: Each night: ~$50 usd Boat ride: ~$60 usd each way For lunch & dinner = $20 usd / day There are also other dinner options such as Lobster & Ceviche that you can pay extra for. Finally there are options to rent equipment or take day trips from the island."

 the coast of Cartagena Additional info on transportation

A boat with pick you up at a marina in Cartegena and guide you 2.5hrs out to the house. All you need to do is get to the Marina and Casa en el Agua will take care of the rest.

 the coast of Cartagena Additional info on food

Everything can be purchased a la carte (standard lunch/dinner or upgrade to fresh lobster or crab)

 the coast of Cartagena Additional info on drinks

All can be purchased at the bar (~$5 usd / beer)

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