Iguazu Waterfall is a true wonder of nature

Iguazu Waterfall is a wonder of nature Detailed Overview


  • The Iguazu Waterfall is a true wonder of nature and is heralded as the most beautiful waterfall in the world by many visitors. The waterfall is located right at the border of the countries of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay about an hour and a half flight from Buenos Aires.
  • The waterfall itself is physically located in Argentina, but it is very common to also visit the Brazilian side as well. On the Argentinean side of the waterfall you can walk right around the falling water, take a boat tour to the mouth of the waterfall, and explore the National Park next to the waterfall. On the other hand, the Brazilian side offers beautiful panoramic views and displays the full splendor of the wonder of the world.
  • Shout out to Richard Silver for the additional photos.

Iguazu Waterfall is a true wonder of nature

Iguazu Waterfall What I liked Most

Do the lower loops first, upper loop second, and Diablo's Throat in the afternoon once the fog burns off. The boat ride is 100% worth it but will get you super wet, they do offer waterproof bags for belongings.

Iguazu Waterfall How did you get there?

We flew into the Iguazu Airport on the Argentinian side (IGR), which is very close to the falls. There are two airports within five miles of the falls — Foz do Iguaçu Airport (IGU) on the Brazilian side and Cataratas del Iguazú (IGR) on the Argentine side. We then took a bus from the center of town to the falls.

Iguazu Waterfall Pro Tips

  • Prepare to get wet and walk a lot
  • An extra change of clothes.

Iguazu Waterfall Cost Details

500ARS (~$29) into the park. 120ARS (~$7) round-trip bus. 950ARS (~$55) for Grand Adventure Boatride.

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