How to Travel the World Without Taking Your Shoe Collection

How to Travel the World Without Taking Your Entire Shoe Collection with You

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If you love fashion then there is a good chance that you have accumulated quite a number of pairs of shoes over the course of your time. And while you love the idea of taking these around the world with you or even just on weekend trips, not only is it not logistically possible, it’s also expensive!

How to Travel the World Without Taking Your Entire Shoe Collection with You

Below are some tips help you pack just the right amount of shoes into your carry on bag.

Rainforest Adventures

If you have ever seen the brochures for a rainforest tour then you have likely wanted to go but have always been held back by not being able to take all your shoes with you. Instead, strike a middle ground and pack:

A pair of high-quality non-slip hiking boots/waterproof boots


  • If you don’t have any of the above, grab a steve madden coupon from Groupon Coupons and get yourself a new pair before you travel.
  •  Why is it so important? Hiking through rainforests requires high-quality boots, however, you also need good sandals to wear while you are exploring the town.

Snow Bound!

If you are one of the lucky ones who is bound for the snow, then in addition to sorting out your skis or snowboard, be sure to pack the following into your carry on:

  • Waterproof boots/Hiking Boots
  • Good Quality Sneakers
  • Dress/Formal Shoes

While it can seem strange to pack formal or dress shoes when you are trying to keep your luggage and shoe collection size down, given the limited amount of daylight hours during the snow season the majority of your time will actually be spent socialising in the numerous nearby bars and restaurants which will all require you to dress nicely.

If you are struggling to get all of the shoes into your bag, consider wearing the waterproof or hiking boots during your travel to remove bulk from your bag and free up more space. While it may mean that you will need to remove them during security checkpoints, the space saved will be well worth it.

Straight up Wet Weather

While a rainforest environment will be damp, there are times when you will visit a destination which is just plain raining. Not only are these great and cheap times to fly but you can also undertake activities which aren’t available outside of the season, such as river rafting. For these destinations, pack the following:

Waterproof Boots

Good Quality Sneakers

Because you will be in your sneakers for most of your journey, be sure that they are either new or in very good condition and are up to the task of keeping your feet protected during constant rain.

Just because the amount of shoes you can take on the plane with you is limited doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the splendors of the world. The next time that you see a great deal on a flight which only allows carrying on luggage, keep this article in mind and see the world!

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