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How to Plan Your First Major Event

How to Plan Your First Major Event

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How to Plan Your First Major Event


Event PlanningWhether or not you have the official title of an event planner, you’ll sooner or later be tasked with the job of planning an event. It could be a very informal party with not much expectation riding on it. Regardless, you need to know how to plan an event as easily as possible.

Even for professionals, this could be a difficult task because of all the details that need to be meticulously taken care of. However, with the following steps, it just might be a bit easier for you.

What is Your Vision?

It is very important to set a goal for your event. You need to first ask yourself what it is going to be about and what it aims to achieve. Is it a casual birthday party? Are you planning an office soiree? Maybe what you need to put together is a charity event or a fundraiser.

Identifying the objective of your party is the first thing to figure out before going forward. This would set the tone for the rest of your planning and pretty much guide you on how to move forward.


  • It goes without saying that a large part of the success of your event rests on the venue you decide to use.
  •  There are many things to consider. 
  • You need to think about where most of your guests would be coming from and how close the venue would be to them.
  • You need to try to get a place that has ample parking.
  •  You also need the setup of the venue to fit the event.
  •  Once you have decided on a location, a good idea is to try to canvass the area to find the best venues.

A much better idea is to search for services that can offer you what you need before you even make an inspection trip. Queens banquet hall is one of such services in the Queens area that will even offer you other things like decoration and a proper sound system. So, if you are in Queens, Forest Hills, Astoria or anywhere close, feel free to check them out.

Get a Team

You have your own idea of how you want the event to run from the very first minute, right through to the last. However, there’s no point doing it on your own. That would be a little too overwhelming and you would keep making avoidable errors.

Assemble a hardworking team and share responsibilities and tasks. This would help you work faster and more efficiently. If you have to, you can call for regular meetings so team members easily update you with progress. This way, milestones are ticked off and new goals are created.

Create a Budget

  • How much do you think this event will cost? How much do you want to spend? 
  • After you have assembled a team, get down to business and have everyone suggest what they think the event would need.
  • Put costs on everything and see if the total budget works.
  •  If it doesn’t, look for areas to cut down or remove completely. 
  • It is easier to do this at this point. Postponing budget would make planning more difficult.

Contingency Plan

There are many times that things don’t go exactly as we planned them. This is a reason to have a contingency plan. Gather your team around and create worst-case scenarios for your event.

This would help you foresee problems and then fix them or find ways around them. If you do this step right, your event would most likely run so smoothly that you wouldn’t need your contingency plan.


This would largely depend on the kind of event you’re planning. However, most of the time, you need a solid publicity plan to get the word out. The best way to determine how to go about this is to carefully examine your target audience. The kind of guests you want would most likely determine how best to reach them.

The best events are the ones most carefully planned. With a dedicated team, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Just find the right people and work strictly within your budget and you would be totally fine.

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