Helicopter tour guide over Rio de janeiro

Helicopter tour guide over Rio de janeiro Detailed Overview

Rio de Janeiro is a stunning city on the water. What better way to see it in all it’s glory than from a doorless helicopter? This 30-minute ride was beautiful. I’d recommend doing this at sunrise or sunset, we did a sunset cruise.

The flight started West of Ipanema beach, and we made our way East along the coast. With the sun rays were coming through the mountain peaks perfectly and the fresh ocean air coming through both sides of the helicopter made this experience one of my personal favorites.

Once we passed Ipanema, we head North and took two passes around Christ the Redeemer. This really gives you the scale of the monument compared to the humans circulating it.

Thanks to Chris Nathan for capturing the footage from the Helicopter!

Helicopter over Rio

Helicopter tour guide over Rio de janeiro What I liked Most

Having not but one, but two doorless helicopters was the best. Seeing your friends flying next to you makes for the perfect photo session.

Helicopter tour guide over Rio How did you get there?

We stayed in Ipanema and took an Uber roughly 30 minutes to the small airport.

Helicopter tour guide over Rio de janeiro Pro Tips

  • Absolutely go doorless at sunrise or sunset
  • 30 minutes actually went by quickly. If you can squeeze it in your budget to go longer, I would.

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