Halloween Festivities in Italy

 Traditionally, in Italy, there was no celebration of All Hallows Eve, only Ognissanti (All Saints Day) on 1st November and All Souls Day on 2nd November but more recently, fancy dress parties and other events have become a popular way of celebrating Halloween on 31st October. It is thought that the influence of American TV programmes and movies helped to import the tradition to Italy.

Costumes and Halloween decorations are now widely available to buy and children’s parties are often held during the day while adults can party at night in the many clubs, restaurants and bars which hold fancy dress parties. These are usually advertised so keep a look out for posters if you’re visiting an Italian city over Halloween.

Halloween Festivities in Italy

The Devils Bridge, Borgo a Mozzano

There has been a Halloween event each year since 1993 at the Devils Bridge which claims to be Italy’s first and biggest Halloween celebration. Locals will spin tales to visitors of witches, ghosts and ghouls and there will be activities for the kids including a fancy dress competition as well as live music, fireworks and a market together with an interactive show.

Corinaldo in the Le Marche Region

Corinaldo is in competition with Borgo a Mozzano and styles itself the Italian Capital of Halloween with celebrations going on for the whole of the last weekend in October. The town centre is decorated with candles, pumpkins and candles, specialist scenery and all sorts of scary creatures. The atmosphere is like a carnival and you’ll be out of place without a mask. There is street entertainment, music and all sorts of terrifying activities. You can even complete in the Miss Witch competition (even if you’re an adult or a man).

The Town of Witches

Trioria in the Liguria region is where the last of the witch trials took place in Italy in the 1580s. Witches were rounded up and tortured or burnt at the stake in those days so of course there is a big festival celebrating Halloween with events and concerts taking place all day.

Spooky City Walks

Many Italian cities hold special Halloween walks round the most frightening areas including Mediaeval buildings, dungeons, castles and crypts with ghoulish tales related by your guide.

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks in Italy hold special events on weekends in October with music, parades and fireworks.

Halloween Dinner

Look out for posters advertising Halloween themed dinners, if you don’t mind being frightened by food.

If you don’t want to join in an organised party, there are plenty of spooky places in Italy which you can make into your own frightening itinerary including catacombs, crypts and collections of skulls and skeletons.

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