Half Day Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

Half Day Elephant Sanctuary

Detailed Overview

Please don’t ride elephants.

  • Elephants, for years, have been mistreated and downright abused for the benefit of humans. Tour companies advertise riding elephants as a fun way to enjoy nature and to appreciate the animal. Riding elephants harms them. The elephants here at the sanctuary have been rescued from the logging industry, circus performances, and the well-known tourism riding industry.
  • After about a 1 hour and 15-minute ride North of Chaing Mai, we arrived at Camp #9 in the highlands surrounded by lush forest. Upon arrival, everyone was given traditionally patterned shirts to wear, which the elephants recognize and like. We fed the elephants an endless amount of bananas, and peeled them for the baby.
  • Post-feeding time, we played with the baby, as she chased us and kicked up dirt. Mind you this was my first time interacting with an elephant, and I was able to sort of wrestle with her and give her a little push here and there with my body.
  • Time for a bath! We head down to the small pond, and this is where the elephants rolled around the water as the group scooped buckets and sprayed the elephants.
  • Please share to help spread education about elephant riding.

Half Day Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

What I liked Most

Playing with the six month-year-old baby. Nana, would randomly start charging at people wanting to interact. She liked pushing me backward and sideways. She even used her feet to playful kick me.

How did you get there?

The tour company picked us up at our accommodation.

Pro Tips

  • Shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Comfortable shorts or pants.
  • You'll have the opportunity to bath the elephants, so bring a bathing suit and towel. You can shower there if you'd like.
  • Ask questions, be curious, and get ready to feed the elephants seemingly unlimited bananas.

Cost Details

The tour costs $50 per person. Bring some extra cash if you want to ask about purchasing one of the traditional shirts like I did!

Additional info on transportation

Along the way, we stopped at the drivers sisters restaurant. Breakfast and coffee fueled us up before the tour.

Additional info on food

Lunch was provided at the end of the tour. A buffet style assortment of soups, chicken, veggies, and rice. Help yourself to seconds (or thirds).

Additional info on drinks

Bottled water and coffee was provided

All The Feels
$$$$ ($25-$100)
Half Day
Transportation, Food, Drinks

Booking Info

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