Egypt: 10 Things You Must Do Before You Die

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Egypt is one of the most alluring destinations for adventurous travelers and intrepid explorers. The country’s magic, history, culture, and natural beauty all combine to create an experience that is truly unforgettable. Perhaps this is why Egypt has become one of the most visited places in the world for tourists. If you are planning to visit Egypt soon or perhaps you have been there before and want to go back again, then you will be pleased to know that there are so many things about this country that will leave a lasting impression on your mind and soul. The rich culture and breathtaking sites of Egypt leave visitors yearning for more after they leave. Those who have been fortunate enough to visit this place will attest to the fact that it is a must-see location! Here are 10 things you must do before you die if you ever plan on going there one day.

Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza

Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza

There is so much to see and do in Egypt, but the Great Pyramids of Giza are a must-see for all visitors. These pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world, and they are an ancient site that will leave you in awe. The Great Sphinx of Giza, which is a giant, mythical creature carved out of stone, is also located here. The Great Sphinx is the largest single-stone statue in the world. The pyramids are a place where the past and the present meet and can be seen by anyone. You can also visit the pyramids via a desert safari and see the various sand dunes and the beautiful wilderness of the area. If you are lucky, you might even come across a few rare species of desert wildlife!

Take a stroll through the Egyptian Museum

the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world. It houses a wide variety of artifacts and is a fascinating place to visit. The museum is located in Cairo and is home to many ancient treasures of the past. You will be able to see ancient artifacts and beautiful pieces of art, many of which were created as far back as 3,000 BC. There is so much to see here, and you will be able to gain a greater understanding of the rich culture and history of Egypt. You can also visit the Islamic Art Museum in Cairo, which showcases a wide variety of artifacts that date back to the early Islamic period.

Go on a desert safari

desert safari

You can visit the beautiful deserts of Egypt any time of the year, but you will get the best experience during the autumn and spring seasons. You can visit any of the desert areas in the country, but we recommend a desert safari because it offers a wide variety of desert landscapes and wildlife. You can visit the Great Sand Sea, the largest sand desert in the world, or the White Desert, which is home to many rare species of plants and animals. Both places are breathtakingly beautiful and are a sight to behold. During your desert safari, you will be able to see rare species of wildlife, like gazelles and ostriches. You will also be able to see the beautiful natural landscapes of the deserts and take pictures that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy a meal at the famous El Merkah Restaurant

The El Merkah Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Egypt and is a landmark that has been serving food since the mid-19th century. The restaurant is located in Cairo and is known for its wide variety of traditional Egyptian food. You can visit the El Merkah Restaurant at any time during your stay in Cairo, but it is best to go at night because you will also be able to see a live performance by a local belly dancer. If you visit this restaurant, don’t forget to try the Arab-style coffee, which is prepared with a rich blend of coffee beans, cardamom, and cloves. You can also try the tea, which is made with a blend of fresh chamomile, fresh peppermint, fresh coriander, and fresh mint leaves.

Don’t forget to visit the Coptic Museum

The Coptic Museum is a museum that showcases the rich cultural history and artistic achievements of the Coptic people of Egypt. The museum was established in 1902, and it is located in Cairo. The Coptic Museum is one of the best museums to visit in Egypt. It showcases a wide variety of artistic artifacts, including ancient sculptures and paintings, rare manuscripts, and exquisite Coptic textiles. You will be able to learn more about the history, culture, and art of the Coptic people after visiting this museum.

Dine at the Cairo Tower Restaurant

The Cairo Tower Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Egypt. It is located on the top floor of the Cairo Tower, which is a popular tourist attraction. You can visit the Cairo Tower Restaurant at any time, but it is best to go there at night, as you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the city, especially the Nile River. If you are visiting the Cairo Tower Restaurant, don’t forget to try the Chicken Om-Ali, which is a traditional Egyptian dish that is served with rice and a yogurt-based sauce.

Witness an Islamic prayer at the Masjid al-Haram Mosque

The Masjid al-Haram is the largest and most famous mosque in Cairo. It is also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca. The mosque is one of the most important religious places in the world and is home to the Kaaba, which is a small shrine that is believed to be the house of God. If you ever get a chance to visit Cairo, make sure that you visit the Masjid al-Haram. You will be able to witness the Islamic prayer ceremony and feel the true spirit of religion. You can also visit the ancient mausoleum at the mosque, which holds the sarcophagus of the renowned Islamic prophet, Muhammad.


Egypt is a one-of-a-kind destination that will leave you wanting to come back for more! This country has so much to offer, and it is a place where you can truly explore the wonders of the world. Whether you are looking to explore the pyramids or go on a desert safari, there is something for everyone in Egypt. This is a place where the history of the world can be witnessed through its ancient sites and monuments.

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