Classic Car Tour of Havana guide tour

Classic Car Tour of Havana Detailed Overview

Cobblestone streets of Barcelona, architecture and grandeur Rome, trees and beaches of the Caribbean, and a vintage auto scene like nothing you can imagine. Cuba is a blast from the past, and this classic car tour is the best way to see the city from the comfort of your very own drop-top vintage cruiser.
A classic car tour through Havana which takes approximately 4 hours and comes with an English speaking guide that explains the history of everything you pass. You’ll get a chance to visit the John Lennon park, take in city views from the historical fort, and drive out to a beach at the end to relax and catch some sunshine. The tour is pretty packed for the amount you see, and there isn’t really time to stop for lunch, so make sure to take some water and snacks with you – as well as some swimwear and a towel for the beach.

Classic Car Tour of Havana

Classic Car Tour of Havana What I liked Most

The cars that that tour company provides are seriously amazing. Colorful, vibrant and comfortable

Classic Car Tour of Havana Pro Tips

  • Drinks and snacks are hard to come by during the tour, so pack a few things to keep you trucking along.
  • Make sure to call the company when you arrive in Cuba (either from the hotel belldesk or your AirBnB host) to confirm the booking. It goes without saying that things in Cuba are very different to the rest of the world. Double check the booking upon your arrival to avoid any morning mess

Classic Car Tour of Havana Cost Details

$180 USD per car – or $60 USD per person (3 people per car)

Classic Car Tour of Havana Additional info on transportation

Pickup and drop-off from your location of choice in Havana, Cuba.

All The Feels
$$$$ ($30-$150)
A Few Hours

Booking Info

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