Breathtaking 9 Indian Islands Worth A Perfect Vacation

Introduction to Indian Islands

People can easily get tired of the boring monotony of everyday life revolving around the office, apartments, or daily commutes. A vacation on an Indian island surrounded by lush greenery and pristine views of the sea sounds like a dream come true.

So why wait for it? Plan a fabulous vacation in some of the best and sought-after island destinations in India! For example, Andamans’ Havelock Island Places to visit there are beautiful and offer the best entertainment and travel opportunities for couples, friends, and even families.

There’s always a sense of calm living on an island surrounded by water, a feeling that is usually unique and blissful. With many opportunities for surfing, scuba classes, water sports, and parties, one can have the most fun but healing experience.

Walking on the wet sands barefoot and enjoying a typical lazy day on the shores filled with beautiful sunrises and sunsets are unmatched feelings when it comes to travel.

So if one is getting ready to make new friends and memories and is confused about where to go, look no further. This article highlights some of the best islands to plan the next vacation in.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island

It is one of the most sought-after islands in the Andaman and is recognized as one of India’s most popular and beautiful islands. Regularly hailed as a paradise for people fed up with the boring chores of daily life, this island is filled with beautiful beaches and sandy shores that paint an enchanting picture in the traveler’s memories.

The island also hosts some of the best scuba diving sessions in areas filled with beautiful aquatic organisms and wildlife. Elephant beach and Radhanagar beach are some of the best beaches here, surrounded by dense groves of mangroves offering perfect opportunities for kayaking.

So if one wants to spend a beautiful summer with a loved one, Havelock Island is the place to go. In Havelock Island, places to visit offer such an opportunity to remember it for the rest of one’s life.

Barren Island

Another picturesque island located in the Andamans, Barren Island is known for its active volcanoes shaped by its beautiful island geography. Sightseeing by excursions and ferries is common for tourists seeking out the extraordinary.


An island that preserves culture through art and literature, this island is nestled between the two channels of the Brahmaputra river. Assam is known as the world’s largest river island and is very famous for its beautiful Hindu shrines and monasteries.

Theatre and dance showcase some of the best art forms on this island, and the island is home to diverse species of birds, including Siberian cranes and pelicans.

Lakshadweep Islands

No island list would be complete without the Lakshadweep islands and their 36 palm-filled island chains. One of the best things about the islands is that they are completely devoid of any modern human activity and offer a natural aura to travelers.

Because they are filled with untouched ecosystems and amazingly blue waters, the Lakshadweep islands provide great opportunities for watersports and other activities.

Little Andaman

This island is considered perfect for travelers who are on a budget. The island’s natural scenic beauty is sure to capture the hearts of all travelers, making a trip to this island a memorable one. Butler Bay on this island offers some of the best surfing beaches in the country.

Diu Island

An island that is a long-gone remnant of a forgotten Portuguese era, it offers beautiful architecture of Portugal aesthetics. Located on the southern coast of Gujarat, the island is known for its beautiful and colorful streets, having churches and villas.

Diu Fort and St. Paul’s Church are some of the sought-after locations that portray the unrivaled beauty of Portuguese architecture.

Neil Island

Another island from Andaman once again makes this list, and rightly so. This island is a paradise of its own. Lush green paddy fields and plantations adorn the island, and travelers often rent bikes to ride around and take in the natural scenery.

The island often makes the list of the top ten island destinations to visit in India and is also some of the best islands for an exotic honeymoon trip.

Netrani Island

Famously known as the pigeon island, it is an island that is widely known as a hidden gem on the Konkan coast. It is situated in Karnataka, surrounded by the Arabian Sea.

Because it is filled with cliffs and jagged rocks, the island offers picturesque beauty, especially for many travelers who live to experience marine beauty. It is a common occurrence to spot an occasional whale shark or butterflyfish on this island.

St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s island is a cluster of four island chains famous for its basaltic hexagonal rock formations that resemble the giant’s causeway in Ireland. Rocky beaches and clear blue waters make it some of the beautiful islands in the country, although it’s not as famous as some of the other island destinations.

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