7 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket list

7 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket list

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7 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket list

The Republic of Costa Rica is a central American country considered as the happiest place to live in the world and one of the most prosperous nations in America.

These facts are not quick sales slogans to draw your attention and gain more visitors, they are supported by renowned institutions like The Legatum Prosperity Index, and the Happy Planet Index, published by the New Economics Foundation.

The delicate balance between sustainable tourism, financial growth, and society that Costa Rica has established and maintained throughout decades is a remarkable example that many countries aspire to achieve one day.

Living in this prosperous nation is a beautiful and pleasant experience where you’ll be able to stay in luxurious and exotic villas surrounded by natural beauty while meeting the friendliest and happiest people in the world.

You’ll find fabulous, luxurious villas and rental homes in Costa Rica at competitive prices that have something for every single taste, from those seeking to enjoy the view of the beach right from their bedroom’s window to those looking to stay within minutes of a tropical rainforest.

The Costa Rican lifestyle combines its community and tradition with nature, offering an incredible experience that you can’t miss. Today we’ll demonstrate the top 7 reasons why you should spend your next holidays in this great nation.

1. Experience Sustainable Ecotourism

The main reason Costa Rica should be in everyone’s list of travel destinations is the basis of the nation’s prosperity: it’s approach of balancing the ecosystem and all aspects of human interaction.

25% of Costa Rican soil is legally considered as a protected environment, and the fact that this small Latin-American country has a quarter of its territory dedicated to preserving the biome is a hint that its society is not joking about preserving its natural beauty.

Since the 80’s Costa Rica changed its tourism strategy to sustain biodiversity by exploiting tourism activities while preserving nature, and its society has absorbed this way of life, displaying cultural progress in how to live in balance with nature.

Thanks to this approach you can enjoy observing exotic wildlife in its natural habitats and appreciating the wondrous sights of untainted nature from any place of the country.

From its lush rainforests to pristine beaches, Costa Rica’s ecotourism is the strongest aspect of the country and a fundamental characteristic of the many activities you can enjoy during your visit

2. Practice Surf in its Beautiful Beaches

Amongst the most popular reasons, people visit Costa Rica is its diversity in amazing beaches that suits to every need. There are over 300 beaches with different sceneries and offerings spread throughout the country and varying from the Pacific and the Caribbean coast.

If you’re looking to practice surf, the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica houses the best beaches for sports, with perfect waves and facilities dedicated to attracting and accommodating surfers.

Places like Playa Naranjo and the Roca Bruja National Park are popular destinations for surf enthusiasts and people looking to experience aquatic sports.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a beach paradise with a relaxed lifestyle, the Caribbean coastline offers impressive beach retreats where you can take things slowly and peacefully, blending nature and tranquility.

The port city of Limon is a beautiful place to find rental homes and villas in Costa Rica and enjoy the relaxed “Pura Vida” lifestyle.

3. Explore the Diverse Biomes ranging from Volcanoes to Rain Forests

The volcanoes found throughout Costa Rica are an incredible feature of nature that contributed to creating the myriad of diverse habitats that breathe life to the nation.

These wondrous biomes that flourish thanks to the volcanic activity combine mountains, hills, rivers, and jungles, that house over 5% of the world’s biodiversity, so you can expect to encounter unusual and exotic wildlife while exploring the natural beauty of Costa Rica

If you don’t feel like going up and trekking through mountains and volcanoes, you can also tour around the natural rain forests of the country, lush and vibrant green lands with varying micro-ecosystems where you can canoe through the fantastic rivers of the Tortuguero National Park or take a relaxed excursion through the forest of Lluvioso Monteverde.

4. Adventure and Sports in the Jungle

With such a diverse ecosystem the variety of sports available is outstanding, and if you’re looking for an intense and exciting experience, Costa Rica’s jungles will provide you with excellent activities that will satisfy your adventuring itch for a long time.

From its world-renowned canopy tours, where you’ll fly through the jungle in a zipper line, to kayaking and rafting in the Costa Rican canyons, there’s always an activity available to enjoy for every taste.

If you’re visiting with your family, there are several packages and tours where you can experience horse riding, kayaking, canopy tours, and many more, in a safe environment with experienced instructors who will guide you to the most magical places in the country.

If you wish to participate in extreme sports, there are dozens of events involving cycling, mountain biking, canyoneering, rafting through rapids, and other adrenaline-infused activities.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the golf resorts and courses of Costa Rica are excellent places to enjoy the coastal view while doing a couple swings.

5. Stay in a Luxury Villa, play in Casinos, and enjoy the Costa Rican Nightlife.

It’s not all nature and wildlife in Costa Rica, the “Pura Vida” lifestyle also accommodates the best entertainment in central America, with hundreds of bars, clubs, and restaurants in the city of San Jose.

Located right in the middle of the country, the city of San Jose is the center of entertainment in Costa Rica, where you can find almost anything you want, from casinos and restaurants to highly praised spas and resorts, while being surrounded by the natural beauty and sights of this great country.

The best thing of exploring and enjoying the city is that you’ll always be at a short distance from the other reasons that make Costa Rica so attractive – in only 30 minutes you can be at a beautiful beach or in the middle of a tropical rainforest.

6. Its People and Pura Vida

As the happiest place to live in the world, Costa Rica has the friendliest community you can find in America. A welcoming society that acknowledges the importance of visitors and will gladly teach you about the balance of nature and modern society.

You can rest assured you quickly blend in with the Ticos – how Costa Ricans are commonly referred – since they are a great community that lives by the moto of “Pura Vida”. A phrase with a profound meaning and sense of belonging to their nation, of loving their lifestyle, of balancing nature, humbleness, joy, satisfaction, happiness, and wellbeing.

7. The Exquisite Local Cuisine

Costa Rican gastronomy is not recognized worldwide, however, the tasteful and beautiful combination of simple flavors with fresh local ingredients make up for an amazing cuisine that you’ll fall in love with quickly.

With a predominance of fresh vegetables and fruits you can expect a well-balanced diet and foods available through the country. And with the constant influx of tourists you can also find a large variety of international gastronomy restaurants in San Jose.

Hopefully these reasons made Costa Rica earn its spot in your bucket list, and you’ll be able to explore and experience this beautiful paradise of nature in your upcoming trip, make sure to find the best accommodation for your tastes in one of the many rental homes in Costa Rica and start experiencing the “Pura Vida”

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