6 Best Low-Cost Airlines For Budget-friendly USA to India Trip!

 Introduction to Best Low-Cost Airlines

Even though we cannot really venture out on a trip given the present circumstances, we can sure learn about how to embark on a fun-filled trip without exhausting on your savings on treasured memories in the future!

6 Best Low-Cost Airlines For Budget-friendly USA to India Trip!

We truly understand that a good trip is a pathway to a refreshed mind and soul and calls for spending quite a few dollars. But if we can avail of the USA to India flights at economical prices, then why not?


Let’s check out some major airlines doing their bit to make international travel more affordable and traveller-friendly!

  • SpiceJet:

What began as an air taxi service soon became the household name for affordable flights to numerous Indian and several other international locations!

Yes, that is how SpiceJet’s graph has scaled from its inception in 2005. Be it Atlanta to Mumbai flights or those to Dubai, no matter what the destination, your journey will not lay a heavy burden on your finances.

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, SpiceJet gives wings to millions of tourists and travellers in more than 630 flights taking off daily!

With 54 Indian and 15 international cities already on its map, SpiceJet is constantly expanding its operations to reach out to more cities, and hence, a larger bunch of people with flights at economical airfares!

  • GoAir:

Founded in 2005 by Jeh Wadia, GoAir won the title of the “Best Domestic Airline” for its top-notch quality services in 2008.

GoAir’s success story is the right mix of inspiration and hard work because it began with a single aircraft managing four locations.

The fleet size grew to 11 in 2008 and in the next 4 years, GoAir was ranked 5th among the largest Indian airlines in terms of market share! With its first international flight taking off in 2018, GoAir has already spread its wings wide into the sky!

GoAir’s premium class segment, called Go Business, offers perks such as larger leg space, priority check-ins, and additional baggage allowance.

The airline’s newly launched club membership – Go Club – has exciting offers for its members and can actually save it a little too much on international flights such as the USA to Mumbai flights!

  • JetKonnect:

JetKonnect is a low-cost fragment of airline giant Jet Airways. Established in 2008, JetKonnect has revamped economical international travel.

With airfares well within the pocket size of a common man, JetKonnect is doing its bit to spread the Joy of Flying! With over 160 aeroplanes taking flight every day, JetKonnect’s services are certainly a value for money.

At present, the airline offers only domestic flights connecting seven major Indian cities such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Kolkata!

Primarily based in Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, JetKonnect’s membership program – JetPrivilege – is indeed a lucrative experience with regular flyers winning umpteen rewards!

With JetKonnect’s JetWallet, the carrier is utilizing the omnipresence of mobile phones and expanding its clientele!


Born in 2006 under the guise of a private company, IndiGo quickly chased success and soared higher in the sky. Perhaps, being an airline, it was meant to be.

With its first aircraft in 2006, the airline reached the pinnacle and in 2012 – that is, in a span of merely 6 years, it was known as the largest airline by fleet size!

Hence, it comes as no surprise to know that IndiGo was named the ‘Best Low-Cost Airline in Central Asia for 10 consecutive years!

Today, the airline fashions a fleet size of 275 aircraft and caters to 87 destinations in India and abroad, including Atlanta to Mumbai flights!

With only-economy seating, IndiGo is the face of affordable air travel. In this pursuit, the airline doesn’t offer in-flight complimentary meals.

However, allowing you to upscale your journey whenever you wish to, IndiGo extends priority check-ins, multiple cancellations, and pre-allotted seats.

  • JetLite:

Erstwhile Sahara Airlines, JetLite was taken over by Jet Airways and rechristened as Air Sahara before being given its present name in 2007.

Born in 1991, JetLite was set to become the first private Indian airline to offer flight connectivity to China via Guangzhou (maybe it’d have gone on to offer the USA to Mumbai flights as well).

However, destiny had different plans. In order to make operations easier, JetLite was merged with Jet Airways’ prevailing low-cost airline – JetKonnect. However, in 2019, the airline suspended all operations and shut down all air travel services.

  • Air India Express:

Managed by the Indian national carrier Air India, Air India Express came into existence in 2005. Headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, it transports millions of travelers in close to 650 flights operating every week!

Revolutionizing low-cost air travel, Air India Express was established with a dream to facilitate greater connectivity in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

The airline flies to 33 destinations scattered throughout South Asia and the Middle East. India’s first budget airline also looks after your on-board nutritional needs.

Being a low-cost carrier, it has moderately priced meal options with foods ranging from fruits to snacks to keep you satiated.


Low-cost carriers (LCC) or discount airlines are making affordable air travel seep into the deepest levels of society.

Pocket-friendly economy class flights come handy for those who cannot afford to spend a handful of dollars on the luxurious travel experience.

These are often restricted to serve a specific area. However, in the coming times, LCCs offering cross country travel such as Atlanta to Mumbai flights may become a reality!

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