5 Lesser Known Places to Visit When in Bali

5 Lesser Known Places to Visit When in Bali

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 Traversing around Bali is a pleasant and enjoyable experience, you will always come across places that are exciting as well as surprising. There are numerous hidden locations in Bali unknown to many tourists that are full of adventures and beautiful sceneries.

5 Lesser Known Places to Visit When in Bali

Below are the five lesser-known areas in Bali you should make a point of visiting

Central Bali and its Terraced Rice Fields

The central region of Bali is graced by scenic mountains that can be hiked to reveal beautiful terraced rice fields, forests with majestic old trees and plush waterfalls. To the end of the rice fields are rural coast with coral reefs, stunning views, and picturesque beaches.

If you are the type of tourist who loves to witness local culture and nature, you can visit the little traditional villages scattered across this area. If you are lucky enough you can also get to participate in Hindu festivals and witness their daily ritual offerings.


Amed is a small town situated in the Northeast of Bali, and it is a warm coastal region filled with steep highlands and empty beaches. The primary population of the area is traditional fishermen and farmers. There is an array of resorts that have sprung up in the area, that blend into Amed’s traditional villages.

The region is best suited for those who would like to kick back, relax and enjoy the nature. You can also participate in snorkeling and diving in the coral-rich ocean, and experience marine life. You can also enjoy hiking the Amed trails and even get a relaxing massage from the village-women near the beach.

Jungle Hot Springs

You can find the Bali Hot Springs on the mountainside of the dense tropical jungle in Banjur, a few kilometers west of Lovina on Bali Norths coast. There are large stone pools erected on freshly manicured and landscaped gardens under the forest. The hot springs are popular with locals who frequently lounge there in the evening. If you tend to prefer a relaxing and solitary experience, it is preferable to visit in the early morning hours, midday or afternoon.


If you are into hiking and beautiful views, you definitely would want to visit Munduk. Munduk is a small village located in the North Central region of Bali. It is a remote and mountainous place full of ridges, valleys, and beautiful terraced rice fields.

Munduk also has a traditional village, where you can witness the local culture, and also try out the local cuisine of the area. You can venture out on your own, use a map or hire a tour guide to show you what Munduk has to offer.

Crater Rim That Overlooks Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan

The most beautiful and famous crater rim in Bali is Mt Batur. However, the place is a tourist trap filled with tourists from all over the world. Many tourists don’t know the other less famous but more scenic crater rim that provides a more spectacular view than Mt Batur. The crater rim offers an outstanding view of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, that is situated way down below.

There are many viewpoints to enjoy, and also restaurants where you can simply admire the view, enjoy a meal or drink the smooth Balinese coffee.

Rice Fields South of Negara City

Very few tourists visit Negara City, it has vast rice fields that extend up to the ocean, The rice fields spread many kilometers in every direction. It is a beautiful region filled with unique sites that are worth exploring. There are many hotels also if you would like to sample the area’s cuisine and just to unwind and appreciate the surroundings.

The more you travel the more places you’ll discover. Take a chance to meet hidden places that are not always the most popular but they are also worth discovering.

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