5 Best Ways To Pack Liquor While Travelling

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 Introduction to Pack Liquor While Travelling

People love to bring souvenirs from the places they visit. These objects, be they postcards or magnets, become household showpieces or gifts for friends and relatives. However, some people also love to bring back quality liquor when they visit cities famous for alcohol, such as Dubin or Buenos Aires.

5 Best Ways To Pack Liquor While Travelling

After all, it is hard not to bring back some gin for your fiance or colleague when visiting places like London. Having said that, if you have ever observed how airlines load the luggage in planes, you would know that there is every chance your precious beer and whiskey bottles will break midway.

Securely packing liquor can be a surprisingly arduous task, especially if you have no prior experience. In this article, let’s have a look at five techniques to safely bring back your favorite drinks home without a huge expense.

1. Encase Each Bottle Of liquor

Whether you plan to travel by airplane or train, you’ll face a lot of vibration, capable of shattering the bottles. Therefore, you need to wrap each bottle separately with clothes like socks, sweatshirts, trousers, handkerchiefs, or anything soft and cushioned.

The idea is to let the encasing clothes suck up all the vibrations during your travel. You need to specifically protect the bottle’s neck as they break easily in most scenarios. If you have small clothe bags lying around, you can use them to store the bottle (either before or after wrapping the bottles.)

Such soft and shock-proof padding is necessary, especially if you bring cherished whiskey like Eagle Rare Bourbon.

2. Create A Wall In Your Suitcase

Your sturdy suitcase may be better for the safekeeping of your valuable items, but it can damage your wine bottles as well. When you pack liquor bottles in your suitcase, you should make sure that there is no contact between your bottles and the sides of the suitcase.

You can begin by creating a soft base on the bottom of your suitcase with blankets, shirts, and T-shirts. Next, make a protective wall on all sides of the suitcase with rolled-up pants or shirts. If you have used up all your clothes, try using your shoes or your toddler’s diapers.

The idea is that no part of the bottles should touch the six sides of your suitcase. Simultaneously, if there is a large gap between the bottles and the suitcase sides, make the wall padding proportionately thicker.

3. Consider Packing Smaller Bottles

A larger bottle can break easily upon collision. Replacing a 300 ml wine bottle with three 100 ml ones will reduce the chances of them breaking. Moreover, if one of your bottles spill, a smaller bottle will cause less damage.

Importantly, nations around the world have different alcohol carrying limits that range from 0 to 110 liters. USA’s Transportation Security Administration allows only a zip-close, quart-size bag of liquid bottles, with the maximum permitted size of each bottle being 100 ma (3.4 ounces.)

However, TSA permits larger quantities if you bought the alcohol from international duty-free shops during your return to the USA. Specific alcohol carrying limits are applicable within the European Union. So if you are visiting one EU country from another, you can carry up to 10 liters of vodka and 90 liters of wine.

4. Carry Alcohol In Original Containers

If traveling to the USA or EU countries, most airlines only allow alcohol sealed and in its original container. This rule is applicable whether you carry the bottles in your carry-on bags or pack them in your checked suitcase.

USA’s Federal Aviation Administration bars passengers from opening the alcohol they are taking. So, don’t try to open your alcohol bottles. However, you can consume alcohol served by the flight attendants.

5. Make Use Of Professional Transport Tools

If you think DIY methods to protect your wine bottles are not safe enough, use commercial liquid transport tools. These tools can provide your liquor bottles with the ultimate padding and stability. Most of these products come with bubble wraps, absorbent materials, and air-tight seals. Some of these products have an extra outer bag, which protects the bottles from spilling if one of the bottles leaks. Some examples of these professional liquid packing products are jet bags, wine mummy, wine diaper, and inflatable bottle travel sleeve.

Now that you have learned how to pack your favorite alcohol while traveling, it is time to decide which drinks are worth the honor and effort. The choice of drinks varies as your destination changes because every major city has its specialties.

While Munich is famous for Bavarian beer, Dublin takes the cake for whiskey. Tokyo is the best place to purchase sake, but you have to reach Nelson in New Zealand for the finest cider. People who like tequila can buy it in Mexico City. And when you are visiting Russia, don’t forget to obtain the original Russian vodka in St. Petersburg.

The Bottom Line

Bringing back liquor from your destination requires careful planning. Some countries do not allow liquor in air travel at all, in which case, you have to shop for your favorite alcohol from home. If you are carrying valuable items in your suitcase, you may skip the risk of packing the bottles and mail them separately.

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