5 Best Things To Do In Saudi Arabia In Modern Day

 Introduction to Best Things To Do In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia had a conservative image in the world because of the backward traditions and Monarchy, lack of people’s participation, no basic freedoms, and no entertainment for so long in history.
But recently it turned when the Prince Crown Mohammad Bin Salman has tilted the Saudi Policies and tried to lessen the gap between Saudi Arabia and the Outer World.
Now along with Umrah 2021, people are also interested to discover the untouched destinations in Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of opportunities in Saudi Arabia for your Summer, Winter breaks.

5 Best Things To Do In Saudi Arabia In Modern Day

This blog is to guide you with some good activities you can have in Saudi Arabia during your Holidays in the Kingdom.

Things to Do in Your Saudi-Arabia Holidays 2021:

Here are the activities enlisted for you to have on your Saudi-Arabia Holidays 2021. For Muslims, it is the central place to visit and pray before their god every year on Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.

But the tourists who are non-Muslims are also welcome to discover the new beautiful aspects of Saudi Arabia.

Plan A Rolling, Riding Family- Night:

Did you imagine ever that you would be able to get any entertainment in Saudi Arabia? Now you can because Saudi Arabia is all braced to give you the ultimate entertainment on Holidays with family. In Jeddah, when getting bored, you can get a car and go towards the amusement parks in the town.
There is an Al Shallal Theme Park to entertain you and your kids with the thrilling rides, boat rides, Skating field, and other games. You can have the food items on the food stalls and restaurants up there.

You should also not miss the Atallah Happy Land park to have a more thrilling experience. The best thing about Jeddah city is that the places are not on very long distances.

Attallah Park would not be on the long distance from where ever you would be. You will have bowling, rock climbing, 6-D theatre, and plenty of food stalls there to gulp the foods of your choices.

There is No Major Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia – Wrong:

Yes, this is wrong. Mall of Arabia is the major Mall you can shop all day. This is not the only shopping opportunity you are having in Saudi Arabia.

You will have the best shopping experience in the white interior, lush, air-conditioned Mall. If you are only up to kill your time, the Mall of Arabia is the best option for you for window shopping and then have food in the especial food court inside the mall.

You can have clothes outlets, international, local brands, departmental stores, ice-cream stalls, beauty shops, and much more to discover by you.

This Mall is the busiest Shopping center in the town. You will receive a very warm welcome in the mall being the outsider so you can enjoy your time in it.

Soak – Snorkel in the Blue Waters:

It is a dream to know about Silver Sand Beach in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but it is a reality. Yes, I’m excited to tell you about the most prestigious, Silver Sand Beach in Jeddah that welcomes you with your family to spend your good time up there.
It is a private beach and you have to pay to get to this spot to have the luxury experience there. You can soak on the beachside on a good sunny day, or have a snorkeling experience in the deep blue waters.

Your presence on the beach matters because the beach is worth visiting. You could not receive such liberal experiences in Saudi Arabia back in the history of the country but here are the opportunities to discover the unseen beauties in a very different way.

Click Your Moments with King Fahd’s Fountain:

The tallest fountain of this kind in the world and the beautiful site to visit in Jeddah is King Fahd’s Fountain in the nighttime.

You can visit the place anytime but the right time to capture the captivating images with the fountain is the night time.

You will have the best time in the location. The Best thing about the fountain in the night is that it is illuminated by different colored lights and gives a very romantic view.

Red Sea Mall – Another Landmark:

Another very famous destination in Jeddah to visit is Red Sea Mall. You will get the right experiences in the mall having hundreds of international and local clothing brands, the electronic shops, Food stalls, and lots of opportunities for your kids to play also.

This place is best for your afternoon shopping and have the cinema night with family because it has the state of the art cinema with 12 screens to show you the other side of the kingdom.

What are you thinking? Move, and book your next trip to modern-day Saudi Arabia.

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