5 Amazing Things To Do In Sydney On Boxing Day

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Introduction to Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney offers up so much all year round, but it is an especially exciting and somewhat magical place around the festive season!

5 Amazing Things To Do In Sydney On Boxing Day

Now, Boxing Day can be a tricky one, you’ve kind of exhausted yourself from the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day, you’re full of turkey and you really don’t have the range to put together a whole plan on the spot. The solution to your conundrum? A little careful planning ahead of time!

Planning your family a fun day will save on the potential tantrums and frustrations that come from last-minute decision-making. Here are a few Boxing Day ideas for festive fun that’s going to work for the whole family…

Boxing Day Cruise

A Boxing Day cruise really is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year! This is going to be nice and refreshing – the stay air in your lungs and shining sun on your face will shift you out of that holiday season sleep and reconnect you with the amazing natural beauty all around you.

A Sydney Harbour cruise will give you front-row seats to all of the Boxing Day action, including the iconic Sydney to Hobart ferry race.

Sit back, soak up in the atmosphere, and admire the sparkling lights of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge with your nearest and dearest by your side.

You’ll mingle with fellow families, have some tasty snacks and even sneak in a beverage or two all on your idyllic Boxing Day cruise. This one is the perfect balance between exciting and leisurely, perfect for literally all members of the family.

For a Boxing Day that you’ll never forget and an amazing round off to the year, there’s nothing better than a Harbour cruise!

Sydney to Hobart

As touched on above, the Sydney to Hobart race really is quite a big deal on Boxing Day, and the start of the action is a great way of burning up a few hours on a post-Christmas outing. Pack a picnic and head to one of the many viewing spots dotted around the city and surrounding suburbs.

You can even head into the city or Manly for front-row seats to all of the ocean-bound action, followed by a trip to your favorite bar or restaurant. Getting outside is a great idea, especially after all of the indulgences of the festive season.


Not much of a boat person? You can always pack up a picnic and head to a grassy, leafy spot to spend a lazy, balmy afternoon outdoors with the whole family.

You can bring along your favorite garden games, Christmas gifts, and leftovers from your festive feast to make your picnic feel that extra bit special.

You might even consider booking yourself a barbecue at your local council park to cook up a storm amongst a lovely family-friendly atmosphere. You can’t get simpler, savvier, and more enjoyable than a good old-fashioned Boxing Day picnic, really!


If you want to stay away from too much excitement and get out of the sun for a while then why not support your local picture palace and catch one of the exciting new summer releases? Boxing Day often sees the premiering of plenty of amazing family movies that you can all kick back and enjoy.

This is a perfect way of getting out of the house for a couple of hours without having to exert too much energy – go easy on yourself, Christmas and all the other crazy festivities around this time of year take a lot out of you and sometimes you need a chilled, entertaining solution, this is it!


Head to your favorite beach for a splash in the surf and a snooze on the sun-soaked sand. You can bring snacks, drinks, and games to make a day out of it.

Again, a bit of post-big day relaxation is something to be embraced, particularly if you’ve hosted a big group of people.

Are you ready to try out one of these awesome Boxing Day activities this year? Get planning now to put together the perfect day out that the whole family is going to just love.

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