3 New Ways To Enjoy The Wonder of Australia When Traveling Solo

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Introduce to The Wonder of Australia

What better time is there to travel by yourself than during a pandemic? The best vacation sites will be less crowded. So will most modes of transportation. Tourism businesses will also definitely be much more welcoming and appreciative of your patronage during these difficult times. Accommodating locals and a more peaceful travel experience make for what seems to be a perfect vacation for one! Just be sure to get the best tips on how to plan solo trips and prepare to follow new health and safety protocols for travelers.

 The very first thing to do is pick your pandemic destination. As an extremely popular country to visit because of its many amazing tourist spots, Australia would be the perfect place. It’s usually flooded by flocks of tourists throughout the year, but tourism numbers were halved due to the pandemic. So, now is the time to experience its hidden natural and cultural gems without hundreds of other people!

3 New Ways To Enjoy The Wonder of Australia When Traveling Solo

Capture the beauty of Australian wildlife

You might be wondering if Australia’s wildlife is still as amazing as it was before the 2019-2020 summer bushfires. In fact, Australia recently won the “Community Restoration” award from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Awards for 2021. The award recognizes the recovery and preservation efforts of the country as it has continued to restore its wildlife, so you can rest assured that there’s still much to see in the Australian outback. The wildlife habitat in Port Douglas is great, and Kangaroo Island is a tourist hotspot.

You could also go for the Echidna Walkabout tours in Melbourne to see koalas, kangaroos, and more. Australia’s amazing biodiversity is highlighted by its wide range and unique species of mammals. You can head over to Tasmania’s Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to catch a glimpse of the Tasmanian Devil. Also found in Tasmania is the very special platypus – one of many mammals unique to Australia. There are kayaking tours that almost ensure multiple platypus encounters! Rottnest Island in Perth is home to one of the most adorable marsupials, the quokka. They’re very friendly little animals. As a lone traveler, you could even take cool selfies with them sometimes!

Beyond great whites and whale sharks

Australia’s coasts are beloved by both locals and tourists, and there are plenty of great ideas on how to enjoy Australia’s great weather, pretty beaches, and beautiful people. Sunbathing in your swimsuit or surfing all day are great options, but surely there are bigger adventures to be had. Australia has one of the world’s most diverse marine environments, and visitors always want to experience those firsthand.

Scuba diving around the Great Barrier Reef is the tentpole of all water adventures there. Shark cage diving in Port Lincoln serves the adrenaline junkies out there who want to see great white sharks up close and personal. The Aquarium of Western Australia is another spot where people can go diving with different species of sharks. As a solo traveler, these might be a tad bit risky, though.

Swimming with whale sharks in the Ningaloo Marine Park is also a big thing because of how large and magnificent the creatures are. Whale sharks are also not known for being dangerous to people, so it’s a more doable adventure for the faint of heart. You also learn a lot about these endangered species, because the tours emphasize their objective of conserving and protecting whale sharks.

There’s more to Australia’s aquatic diversity than these popular sharks, though. New South Wales is home to two other spectacular marine animals: fur seals and penguins! You can visit the South New Wales Coast and explore Montague Island. You can go snorkeling and diving with these animals in pristine waters. A gorgeous lighthouse sits at the southern edge of the island, where you could actually stay overnight. That lighthouse is a landmark, as it has been architecturally unchanged for over 125 years. It’s also a great spot for you to view humpback whales as they migrate through the area.

Unique cultural dives

Visiting a country is not just about taking in the natural sights. It’s also about experiencing new culture. Typical tourists would gravitate towards going to the Sydney Opera House or sightseeing around the Sydney Harbor. However, there’s more to Sydney than its modern arts, culture, and architecture. It’s a country rooted in unique history, and you should take the time to learn more about it. The Aboriginal people of Australia have a long, rich history that more than 50,000 years.

These people are scattered all over Australia. You could go to the Northern Territories, Port Douglas, and even Sydney or Melbourne and encounter their culture. You could take Aboriginal-guided tours learning about their culture while discovering the nature reserves they inhabit. Activities can range from adventurous, such as trips to the bush and outback, to more cultural, such as art and museum tours.

There are also interesting historical tours all over Australia. A good example is the Fremantle Prison, a great historical landmark in Australia. Built in the 19th century and then closed in 1991, it was conserved by the Australian government and is recognized as one of the biggest convict prisons that still stand today. It would make for a very spooky but enlightening tour, especially for a solo tourist.

Australia is a very dynamic place to visit, and there are honestly too many options for someone traveling alone. While you might feel compelled to visit the biggest tourist spots, remember that Australia is littered with many gorgeous sights filled with interesting albeit less famous spectacles. When you go on a solo trip to Australia, you have the freedom to go off the beaten track and explore its hidden treasures.

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