12 Essential Packing Checklist for Flying With An Infant

 12 Essential Packing Checklist for Flying With An Infant

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Introduction to Packing Checklist for Flying With An Infant

Traveling with a toddler feels like the most hectic mothers have to do. There is a lot you have to do as a mum to make sure you and the baby are comfortable. You have to start packing days before the trip.

12 Essential Packing Checklist for Flying With An Infant

Parents who travel with an infant deserve a standing ovation, multiple bags to carry, a nuisance baby who can not stop crying. It gets worse if you forget the baby essentials.


If you are planning to bring your baby on the family trip by air, here is a list of essentials you can not afford to forget. The tour does not have to be a nightmare!

Nursing bra

  • You are a new mum, and your body is going through many physiological changes.
  • You produce more breast milk than your baby can consume, and sometimes you can not control it from pouring out.
  • You need to bring comfortable nursing bras to the plane. 
  • The best nursing bras are designed with some nylon in them to prevent leakages. 
  • You don’t want to smell of breast milk all through the flight. Pack efficient nursing bras.


So much could go wrong on that plane if you forgot your baby’s diapers. Babies keep soiling their diapers. They need a change at least once per hour; otherwise, they get angry and cry all the way. Bring extra diapers in case of flight delays. Do not forget clean wipes to use while changing the baby.

Changing pad

  • You might be trying to avoid bulky luggage, but a changing pad is a must-have. You think that maybe you could change the baby diapers on your lap, but this could get out of hand in so many ways.
  • Get a small foldable pad for ease while replacing the diapers. Additionally, bring plastic bags to hold soiled diapers.

First aid kit

The pressure build-up during taking off and landing could be too much for your baby. Bring a bag carrying pain relievers like Calpol and eardrops. Calpol makes fevers easier to cope with on the airplane.

Since babies can not tell you when they are in pain, bring the best baby thermometer to keep checking their temperatures during the plane. A thermometer might be the only thing you need to be sure that the baby did not get sick on the flight.

Waterproof baby bibs

No matter how short you think the journey will be, bring napkins! Babies are always making messes on their clothes. Whether they are breastfeeding, eating solid food, or bottle feeding, soiling is inevitable.

Pack bibs that are easy to clean and waterproof to protect the baby’s skin and the clothes that have underneath. The flight will be a lot easier if your baby stays in comfy, dry fabrics.

Baby sleep sack

If you are torn between packing baby blankets and sleep sacks, get sleep sacks! They are a lot less bulky to carry, and you do not have to hold the baby to keep them put.

An asleep bag with smooth material is enough to keep the baby cozy and sleeping all through the journey. You could pack one baby blanket just in case the baby needs extra cover.

Change of clothes

Knowing how messy babies can get, it is critical to carry extra clothes for you and the baby. Just face it, if the baby spits solid food on your top, or the diaper leaks accidentally you both need a quick change because no one excuses a mum who is unkept. Plus you the cleaner your baby stays, the less the chances of contracting germs get.

Baby toys

  • A flight could instill anxiety in your baby. Toys are a more relaxed way to ease the discomfort that comes with air travel for your baby.
  • Bring fidgeting toys to help keep the baby distracted from the surroundings. Carry your kid’s favorite soft toy to save your baby from the flights’ boredom.

Snacks for you and the baby

The truth is, winning mums get hungry so fast. Your baby keeps suckling, and this gets you even hungrier. If your baby can bottle feed or eat solid food, it is critical to bring packed food for them. You can not rely on the sandwiches and burgers provided by the aircrew.

Pack milk formula in enough quantities and keep your baby’s little tummy full. Also, carry enough drinks to keep you hydrated as you breastfeed. There is canned baby food you could buy for the kid if you did not get time to cook.

Bring a portable baby crib

Kids love to play. You can not stop them just because you are on a plane. There are lightweight, portable baby cribs that you can bring to the trip.

Let the baby play in a safe place where you can keep an eye on them. When they get exhausted, they could sleep in the crib, and you enjoy the freedom of not holding the baby on your lap on the entire trip.


  1. The last thing you want is your baby falling sick when you are traveling. As a mum, you have to be cautious about germs and illness.
  2. Take precautions, like washing hands before handling the baby, and ensuring that the surfaces around the baby are sterile, could save you big time.
  3. Bring enough sanitizer for your hands so that you keep sanitizing them often. Moreover, use sanitizers to wipe clean the surfaces around you and reduce the chances of your baby falling sick.
  4. Be more cautious about who gets to hold your young one on the plane, but you should not allow other passengers to hold the baby.

Travelling and insurance documents

If parents are traveling with an infant, they need materials to prove the kid’s age. No child is allowed to sit on their parent’s lap if they are over two years old. The birth certificate and immunization records should never get left behind

Bring the baby’s passport if you are traveling abroad and proof of relationship documents. Also, bring their insurance documents.

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