Why Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel?

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 ?living in a serviced apartment

 If you need to work away from home, or if you’re looking to book yourself a break with family or friends, chances are that you may automatically start hunting for a hotel to stay in.

After all, there is an abundance of hotels in every major destination, and for many of us, it’s simply what we’re used to.

Alternatively, if you’re budget conscious, you may scope out some hostels, but often the idea of having to share a room with strangers is enough to put some people off going away at all.

 ?Why Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel

Why Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel?

But there is, in fact, a more cost-effective alternative that you may not have considered before, which is growing in popularity as more people cotton on to the idea.

Serviced apartments are a great way to enjoy a home-away-from-home experience, so we’re going to talk you through some of the reasons why you may wish to consider this option over the usual choice of a hotel.

 ?What is a serviced apartment

A serviced suite does completely what it says on the tin. You get a whole fully-furnished apartment, rather than just a room as you would in a hotel, and they usually have several bedrooms, a kitchen, a living space and a bathroom.

You still get the same services as you’d expect in a hotel, such as Wi-Fi, cleaning, and a concierge, just with far more space to make your own.

More space

Although some hotel rooms can be somewhat roomy if you have a large budget, they still only offer you one space. If you’re travelling with family, friends, or even colleagues then sharing a room can be a rather intimate affair, so having separate rooms and all the facilities you need makes for a much more comfortable trip.

Better facilities

The facilities that come with a serviced apartment easily outdo those of a hotel, with laundry facilities, a fully-equipped kitchen, flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and sofas to relax on.

Clarendon London, who provide serviced apartments in the capital, told us, “a lot of our clients stay with us because the facilities mean that they can have a much more relaxing stay than they would in a hotel, as they are not restricted by meal times or curfews, and can be more self-sufficient.”

Serviced apartments feel more like you are staying in a home-like environment where you can comfortably continue your usual routines and even entertain friends or colleagues.


Despite offering so much more than a hotel, serviced apartments often work out cheaper. Since there aren’t any on-site restaurants and other hotel facilities to pay for, the apartment providers can pass on these savings to clients in the form of affordable accommodation.

What’s more, since you only pay for the cost of the apartment rather than per person, if you’re sharing with friends, colleagues, or family members, you can easily split the expenses, and you may find that that makes them very competitive indeed.

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