Point Udall, located at the east end of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is the easternmost point of the U.S. It was named for Stewart Udall who served as the U.S. Secretary of the Interior under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson


While visiting St. Croix, visitors should make plans to take a drive to the east end of the island to experience the stunning panoramic sea views. The area is home to a giant sundial, known as the Millennium Monument. Here, visitors can be the first in the U.S. and its territories to view the first sunrise of the day

Visiting Point Udall – Easternmost Point of the U.S

The Views

As you drive, on the left side of the road nonetheless, a winding road will guide your way. You will see the climate at the East End lends to a variety of cactus and desert-like foliage. Looking off the road to the north, you will catch a view of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and take in a view of Buck Island. The view is sure to take your breath away! Along the south side, you will see Goat Hill rising above the road. This is also a great place to stop either on your way in or heading back out. You can walk right up to the goats and they will come over to be petted. Don’t worry, they are friendly. As you continue down the road, Millennium Monument comes into view straight ahead of you

The Millennium Monument

The Millennium Monument at Point Udall was designed by Bill Rich and erected in 2000 to commemorate the beginning of a new millennium for the United States. As mentioned before, the monument is a giant sundial which is fitting since this is the first place that the sun rises on U.S. soil. At the base of the monument is a retaining wall that holds a huge sign denoting Point Udall. This spot makes for a great photo opportunity. Note: When we visited the sign had been removed due to vandalism, but plans were being made to put it back up

More Views

Many visitors choose to be at Point Udall as the sun rises. This time lends to an amazing view as the sun begins to crest above the Caribbean blue waters as visitors take part in being the very first to see the sunrise for that day. We chose a few hours later and we will discuss why in just a bit.

After taking in the monument and snapping your pictures, make sure you take in the views from around Point Udall. The area is surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of St. Croix and to the northwest you will see Buck Island in the distance. You will find the time here quite peaceful and serene. If you choose to make a day of the adventure, you can hike down to Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay. You can access this area from the small parking lot just below the monument. The area is known for some great snorkeling adventures.


The is no admission charge to visit Point Udall and the Millennium Monument. You can choose to spend as much time here as you would like. Although, I will say that there isn’t much to do after viewing the monument, snapping pictures, and taking in the surrounding views. That is unless you plan to snorkel in Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay. I could imagine that having a nice picnic lunch here would be very enjoyable. It truly is a peaceful area with gorgeous views

Safety Precautions

As mentioned earlier, we chose to visit Point Udall a few hours after sunrise. We had researched the area and learned that it is prone to car break-ins and theft. This knowledge made us a little uneasy so we decided it was best to play things a little safer and wait until there was plenty of sunlight to see our surroundings.

We didn’t have any issues at all. When we arrived, there was a couple sitting at the side, enjoying the views and time together. After being there for about 10 minutes, trying to get pictures with a selfie stick, another couple arrived and took pictures for us. They had just witnessed a sea turtle right up the road that had just laid her eggs and was making her way back into the ocean. They even shared the video they had captured with us! It was truly a remarkable piece of nature to witness

Regardless of the time you choose to visit, as with any other city or country, always be aware of your surroundings. It is a good idea not to bring any valuables with you and definitely don’t leave anything of value in your car.Point Udall doesn’t have any gates to go through or security workers in the area. Also, be advised that cell phone reception is non-existent and there aren’t any stores in the area. If you believe you will need water and snacks along the way, bring those with you. If you plan to snorkel in Jack’s and Isaac’s Bay, make sure you bring your snorkel gear, sunscreen, and plenty of water and snacks

Must Visit

Are you are planning a trip to St. Croix? Make sure you add Point Udall to your itinerary. You can’t beat the views, the price, and the fact that you can tell everyone you know that you stood on the easternmost point of the U.S.! It’s a must visit place and a peaceful destination to enjoy with your family

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