Travel with friends to Cambodia

 Traveling to South East Asia is a surrealistic adventure full with unexpected encounters. The Asian continent is surrounded with beautiful countries like Laos, Japan, South Korea, Burma, Vietnam or Cambodia. In our case, Cambodia is our next destination and our next wonder to discover

When we talk about this treasure, we think about the incredible temple of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap where you watch the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the world. But to truly enjoy Cambodia, our expedition has brought us in the smallest and youngest city of Combodia: Sihanoukville

Travel with friends to Cambodia

Sihanoukville is the Cambodian Peninsula, which is ringed with many offshore islands. Sihanoukville is home to many backpackers and expats looking for weekend breaks. But you will also find students spending their summer in this part of the country

The city is full with international bars and restaurants. Wi-Fi is everywhere to be found. Even on the streets! Unfortunately, as any other Asian country or city, Sihanoukville is full with beggars, streets kids and vendors, but this shouldn’t stop you to enjoy your vacation and even give some language lesson to the locals

Why Sihanoukville

In our opinion, Sihanoukville is the best spot in Cambodia to enjoy the rest of the country. The city is near the borders of Thailand and the most breathtaking islands in the area. Travelers can choose to stay on the mainland or book one of the bungalows on the beaches

Most beaches in Sihanoukville are in walking distance and the most popular one is Ochheuteal beach

This beach is definitely not the one we will advise you because the beach is too crowded, loud music and beggars are everywhere to be found. If you are looking for a peaceful beach with less people, then we recommend Otres and Sohka beach. Both beaches are more attractive in the low season where resort owners offer free accommodations to travelers

We have decided to stay on Otres beach and from there take the time to visit the islands and other activities Sihanoukville has to offer

Otres Beach in Sihanoukville

The beach is in the South of the city where you can find Otres 1 and 2

This stunning beach has managed to keep its identity despite the developments of hotels or resorts. Sailing and boating are strongly encouraged in the area

The best way to visit it is during the low season where you can quietly enjoy the white sandy beach and the relaxing vibe. The whitish sand is soft and delicate when you touch it. While staying here, you can visit Ream National Park, where the wildlife, mangroves and mountain waterfalls have been untouched

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