We’re at it again! It’s time for the monthly post about towns and counties with funny names! This month, we are still heading further south to the great state of South Carolina, home to the Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers

Virginia and North Carolina had some great ones, but wait until you see what’s in store out of South Carolina. Not quite as rank as North Carolina and not quite as interesting as Virginia with facts, but still “winners” in our book! Again, all will be aimed at making you laugh; creating a desire for you to want to go check out these places for yourself. Just like the last two months, each town, county, or area that I list will be followed by a humorous thought of my own and then a fact about it.

How many times have you driven somewhere and seen the name of a town, county, or area posted on a sign and you had to do a double take? Often times, they are immediately hilarious, yet we still wonder…1) who came up with that name and why and 2) who wants to live in a place named THAT? Some times they are so good, you just have to pull over and take a picture with it or else the people you tell about it just won’t believe you.

Towns and Counties in South Carolina with Funny Names : Humor vs Fact


Humor: Sounds like an odd fetish after killing a deer! Hopefully they are talking about the dogs

Fact: A town located in Fairfield County, South Carolina. We are unable to find anymore facts about this town

Burns Down

Humor: Must not have much in this town as it sounds like everything burns down

Fact: Located in Sumter County, South Carolina. I guess there really isn’t anything here as we couldn’t find anymore facts

Wide Awake

Humor: The town that never sleeps

Fact: Located in Berkeley County. Once again, no facts found. I’m beginning to think some of these towns barely exist

 Dog Bluff

Humor: It appears the dogs are better poker players than their owners

Dog Bluff

Fact: A town located in Horry County. The road from Kingston (Conway) to the ferry at Dogg Bluff was known as the Dog Bluff Road. Later, when townships were established in Horry County, the area along the road and near the Dogg Bluff Ferry was named Dog Bluff Township

Fair Play

Humor: There must be so many poor sports and cheaters here, that they needed to name a town this in order to remind everyone how they are supposed to play

Fact: A town located in Oconee County. Tradition states that the name stems from an incident in which a bystander implored two brawling pioneers to “play fair”


Humor: Truly hoping they don’t have a collection sitting around! Or maybe it’s just because instead of waving, they give you “the finger”

Fact: Located in Spartanburg County, this town got it’s name from Joseph Finger, the owner of a cotton mill

No Mans Land

 ?Humor: A land of only women, perhaps

Fact: A place so small that it’s not even considered a town. It is actually only described as “a populated place” located in Union County

Happy Bottom

Humor: A guess their rears resemble a smiley face

Fact: Apparently there aren’t many happy bottoms that live here as it too is only described as “a populated place” located within the City of Barnwell


Humor: It definitely has to be more pleasant living in a happy town than having a happy bottom

Fact: Once again we have an area so small that it is only described as “a populated place”. This area is located in Lexington County


Humor: Sounds like a word one would say to babies. Instead of  “coochie, coochie, coo”, they say, “coosa coosa watchie.

Fact: An unincorporated community located in Jasper County. The name originated from the Coosaw band of Native Americans and “hatchie”, their word for river. This area also served as the headquarters for General Robert E. Lee during the early part of the American Civil War

Hurl Rocks

Humor: You better watch your back around here

Fact: Very little information is found on this area. It appears that it is an area located near Myrtle Beach. It does have its own zip code (29577) though


Humor: That one word is enough to keep me away forever. They  must have had a massive outbreak of some sort there

Fact: Another “populated place” located in Georgetown County. Maybe it’s population is so low due to the quarantine


Humor: If you love ketchup, this is the place for you

Fact: An unincorporated community in Horry County. During the 1920’s, farmers in the community would say, “Let’s go catch up on the news” and every Saturday afternoon they could be found at a little country store in Ketchuptown


Humor: Lovers of mayo weren’t to be outdone by ketchup lovers

Fact: A census-designated place in Spartanburg County. No known information about the origin of its name. How boring is that


Humor: It appears they are in competition with the town in North Carolina of the same name. Wonder who has the most fun

Fact: Another “populated place” located in Lexington County. Although no other facts are found, it is located in the same county as Happy Town. Perhaps the two are linked somehow and happiness is found all around

Ninety Six

Humor: At least the numbers aren’t reversed! I’d rather live in a place known as Ninety Six than Sixty Nine

Fact: A town in Greenwood County that was established in the early 18th century. It was originally known as “Jews Land” because of some prominent Sephardic Jewish families that has bought property there to relocate families from London. The settlement became the capital city of the Ninety-Six District and thus, the town received its name

Please note: I am not making fun of people, just names. Some of my humor may appear slightly “dirty” to some, but please remember: I didn’t name the places; I’m just joking about them. My goal is to create laughter in the cleanest way possible. I’m still looking forward to joking about Ding Dong, Texas and Booger Hole, West Virginia!

Do you know another town or county in South Carolina with a funny name? Leave us a comment and let us know about it
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