My Global Welcome, the Airbnb for Compatriots

My Global Welcome is the first location-based support network for compatriots that connects travelers with their fellow countrymen living abroad. It is made from people for people, with a particular focus on social interaction in the real world.

The idea for this innovative platform was born from the personal experience of its founder and CEO

My Global Welcome, the Airbnb for Compatriots


, Michaela Reichler-Baldini. When she moved from Germany to Italy, she realized that the difficulties she encountered with an unfamiliar environment, a new language and a different culture were similar to the problems business or holiday travelers are facing almost every day.

What, then, was more evident than building an easy-to-use, structured support network in which travelers, including those from their home country who were already living abroad, who could help each other out?

And so, My Global Welcome was born. By merely eliminating linguistic barriers, My Global Welcome positively changes the way we travel. It makes the world smaller, safer and more welcoming.

On My Global Welcome,

newbie expats find, meet and make friends with their fellow countrymen or other expats who live in their immediate area.

expats and travelers who have recently arrived can easily connect with fellow countrymen already living in the target country of interest and can receive reliable, first-hand information on any topic of their choice, practical help and personalized services offered directly from their fellow countrymen on-site abroad.

expats living abroad can promote their commercial, industrial, artisan or professional activity directly to their fellow countrymen in the country from which they have come, as well as their new home country and thus find opportunities to generate income.

expats still looking for ways to make a living abroad can brainstorm about a new activity.

Furthermore, expats can be contacted directly by employers who wish to establish work contacts with them. Additionally, employers can look for staff of any nationality and different first languages in their own country or anywhere in the world.

This one-of-a-kind platform is not only aimed at those traveling for long or short term tourism, for business, at solo travelers, students, expats and migrants, but it also takes into consideration the special needs of families with children, of women traveling alone, people with disabilities and pensioners who want to move abroad when they retire.

Tailor-made services for families include, e.g. leisure activities, babysitting and child care services as well as customized workshops for children abroad, whereas women and solo travelers receive personal assistance abroad in order to enjoy worry-free traveling.

The challenge for travelers with disabilities is the proper preparation. With My Global Welcome, they can rely on their fellow countrymen abroad for information on accessible travel and accessible accommodation or housing, and pensioners receive detailed information on retirement or pension schemes overseas.

My Global Welcome is currently running beta tests of the platform at The media went into a frenzy on My Global Welcome and celebrated it as the emerging Next Big Thing for social networks. Well, we cannot wait for them to launch officially!

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