How to Prepare for an O|S Trip - How to plan for a trip

How to Prepare for an O|S Trip - How to plan for a trip

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 Your bags are packed and you are ready to head out for that overseas car trip. Just being prepared to handle any emergencies that may arise can make a huge difference between a relaxed travel and a stressed journey. Here are a few pointers before you head out

How to Prepare for an O|S Trip

Smart Phone Apps

Smartphone apps make locating gas stations, roadside eateries and last-minute hotel rooms easy. Here are some favorites: Goby, TripIt, Hotel Tonight, Roadside Assistance Lite

Global Sim

  1. Use a prepaid SIM card. A prepaid SIM lets you keep your existing Australian mobile number when you’re travelling overseas. This lets you roam like a local and to avoid high roaming fees. You get international calls, data and text messages at a much cheaper rate than on roaming
  2. Use Aussie Sim a simple-to-use, prepaid SIM card which lets you keep your existing mobile number when you’re travelling overseas
  3. Activate the global SIM and forward the number to all your contacts before you leave. You will remain connected at all times

Travel Insurance

  • Insurance helps. In case of even a minor illness, medical bills can be very expensive and that should be the last of your worries
  • It may seem like a waste of good money but go in for comprehensive travel insurance. Comprehensive travel insurance will cover medical expenses, theft, cancellations or flight interruptions. It would also cover baggage damage


  • The most important requirement for the road trip. Get an international driving licence. You may want to rent a car when you are travelling overseas
  • You can get an international driving permit from the automobile club in the state where you got your current licence

Medical Supplies

In addition to carrying medication for the entire length of the trip, get a letter from your doctor stating that the medicine is for personal use. The letter should also state what the medicine is and the amount you would be taking

Credit Cards

Check with the credit card company to ensure that the credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. Instead of using conversion centers at the airport, use the ATM of the country you visit. The fees charged will be less and the conversion will be exact

Passport and Visa

Take a Xerox of the passport and visa in case the passport or visa are lost. Register with your embassy just in case there is a problem and help is required

Last but not least carry snacks to tide you over the initial few days till you adjust to the change in food

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