Fly away……. to Luxury in New York

 It is almost impossible to find an adjective to describe this vibrant city called New York. As we all know, this melting pot is the most visited in the United States. Here you go big or you go home. From the Skyline to the Twin Towers, New York is definitely the city to be

From Manhattan to Brooklyn, New York is involving and tourists are noticing these changes and are enjoying exploring the different parts of this incredible city. This energetic city manages to captivate people, draw them in and surprises them every time

New York is the new kid on the block and it is a city that everyone should visit, at least once in their lifetime. The streets are full with life, artistic building, street arts, amazing restaurants with new chefs and markets where you meet the locals and enjoy the atmosphere

To truly experience New York and the New Yorker way of living, it is necessary to enjoy luxury hotels, concierge and numerous taxis each time you step out. The city is booming and there are several hotels in New York worth to be mentioned in this article

The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria

One of our hidden gem hotel is the Waldorf in the Midtown. This New Yorker icon is worth a stay. Before moving to Midtown, the hotel was located on Park Avenue and then moved to make place for the Empire State Building but even with this, the hotel has even become one of the most luxury hotels in New York

The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria

At the Waldorf, we can recommend The Towers Penthouse Suite where the view over New York is just breathtaking. The suite is like having an elegant apartment in New York, where you can have your 10 guests over at your dinner table or enjoy a glass of scotch in your living room

The suite is art on his own and if you have been to Paris and fell in love with Chateau de Versaille, then The Waldorf will definitely seduce you. The private entrance and the discretion of the hotel are complimentary options needed when staying 6 days in the hotel

Hôtel Plaza Athénée

We have tried this hotel the first time in Paris, where the experience was positive and we were curious about the one in New York. The hotel is situated in the Upper East Side of New York, between Central Park and the Fifth Avenue

The Rockefellers, The Roosevelts or even the Dukes have lived here. The neighborhood is chic and classy and for the hotel to be located here is just normal. The Hardenbergh Terrace Suite is home to many visitors and for $14,000 a night, guests can enjoy this luxury atmosphere while drinking a glass of Champagne

Hotel 32 32

  • If you are a fanatic of shopping or theaters, the East 32nd Street is where you need to be. Here you are surrounded by the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Theatre district. With his studios and apartments, you will have a feeling of being home
  • The Standard Studio Queen is like having a small apartment in New York with glass windows where you can enjoy the view
  • This may be too simple for a price of almost $8,000 per night if you book a Standard Studio Queen. We will definitely recommend you to look around and if you cannot find better a better option, than the hotel can be your second choice

The Plaza

  • In New York, this hotel is a gem and it is located on Fifth Avenue at Central Park South where you are surrounded with beautiful people. Famous shops like Sacks and Channel can be found in this area. This is our favorite spot on the Upper East Side
  • This luxurious hotel is the perfect escape for weekends and business trips
  • The suites are decorated as any home on Upper East Side; luxurious, elegant with a timeless decor. The Hardenbergh Terrace Suite pays homage to the architect of The Plaza, Henry Janeway Hardenbergh where the fresh and modern look of the suite is worth the $14,000 per night. Welcome to the Upper East Side, home to the richest families in the world

The New York Edition

Madison Avenue is popular in many series and films across the globe. The location of the hotel and his oversized windows are the perfect elements to enjoy the skyline in the city. The Penthouse Suite is a great way to discover New York while sleeping in style

The suite may cost $5,500 per night, but the moment you enter the room, you will feel home again

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