7 Ideas to Refurbish an Run-down Boat

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 Some boats may not be very well maintained, or perhaps have just been in service for a long time and now look old and run down. Often there are refurbishments you can do on the boat to improve its appearance and keep it seaworthy for years to come.

7 Ideas to Refurbish an Run-down Boat

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  • 7 Ideas to Refurbish an Run-down Boat

Give It a Good Scrub

Even the oldest boat can look a great deal better with a good clean-up. Your boat would have collected a lot of grime and moss over the years whether it has been harboured or actively out at sea.

Get some good cleaning agents and scrubs that you can use to wipe down your boat’s surfaces. When you have cleaned up the surface, any rusty or rotten areas will be easier to spot.

Replace Wooden Hulls & Floors

If your boat is older than 25 years old, chances are the boat hull was made of wooden parts. No matter how well-built it was decades ago, wooden parts of this age are prone to rotting.

Start by replacing these wooden parts. Most of the time, the wooden hull would be cored, and you should replace it along with the floors as well.

Repaint Areas with Rot or Rust

A new coat of paint can go along way to help prevent more rotting or damage to your boat’s body. When you have a fresh coat of paint, it can even make your boat look brand new!

Try to choose weather-resistant paint when you repaint your boat. This way, you can also protect your boat against weather damage while making your boat look fresh.

Add some Unique External Designs

It may be costly to repaint your boat, but there is always the cheaper option of adding full-coverage stickers or wraps. These wraps can double as offline advertisements if you include your business details on it.

Since these wraps can be replaced with a new design easily, why not look for a creative illustration that you like and apply it to improve your boat’s exterior appearance first?

Go for Lightweight

When you are replacing and restoring the parts in your boat, always keep lightweight in mind. A new wooden piece may look good, but depending on the type of wood used, can cause weight-related performance issues when using a heavy wood.

Remember that new seats, accessories and other things you bring on board will add up to the boat’s final weight as you refurbish your boat.

Pay Attention to the Internal Accessories

Are there any parts or tools in your boat that needs repair or replacement? This can include anything from your steering and lights to your deck plates and chairs.

If you are going to refurbish your boat, a new set of internal hardware can be a significant improvement. You can even look into upgrading your boat engine or battery if you want to, but this would be a costly venture and require the external experience of others.

Replace Old Fuel & Engine Oil

Make your boat engine run smoother by servicing your boat’s engine and replacing the old fuel in it. This is how you can take care of your boat’s inner works after fixing the exteriors & accessories.

Remember to perform regular maintenance work afterwards too. After all, a boat will not be able to run well when its engine is not in good shape. Check for damaged areas regularly to fix any issues early on. A stitch in time saves nine, as they say.

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