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Jordan have it all: adventures, experiences, amazing sites, sea, recreational areas! You can benefit for your health, check major bucket list sites and take a lot of Instagram-mable shots if you decide to spend your time here. Jordan is easy country to explore, people are really friendly, infrastructure is great and you can relax and just enjoy here without any troubles, which is really rare for Arabic countries. So if you are thinking about visiting the region for the first time, Jordan could be amazing choice as it will bring you plenty of awesome and authentic experiences and wouldn’t shock you with the husstle.

Jordan is not too big, so you wouldn’t spend too much time on the road. One week is perfect amount of time to spend here and get the best of it. This article will give you an idea of the best experiences in Jordan, what you can see and do here if you for 1 week.



The capital city of Jordan is really nice and worth spending couple of days. There is a big chance that you will arrive to the international airport of Amman (another choice is Aqaba), so don’t miss this opportunity to explore Amman. For history lovers there are Citadel and Amphitheater, you can try Jordanian coffee, explore numerous markets or malls and even enjoy some street food here. Make sure to spend some time in cafe simply people watching and socialising, it’s such a big part of life here!




Ancient Roman city of Jerash is the place where people live for more than 6,500 years and home of impressive ruins now. Tourist Board have called it “Rome away from Rome”! 2000 years ago it was one of 10 most important Roman cities and now generally acknowledged to be one of the best-preserved Roman provincial towns in the world. It is almost a good tradition in Jordan: the city was lost for centuries and was excavated and restored only in the middle 20th century. Jerash is a full city with colonnaded streets, hilltop temples, theatres, public squares and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls. With plenty of public transportation options it makes a perfect 1 day side journey from Amman.



Visiting the Dead sea is a must-have while in Jordan. Floating in the salt water, visiting the lowest place on Earth, applying black mud and enjoying the safest sunbathing in the world are good enough reasons to make sure that you will come here. You can spend here as much time as you want to: easy day trip from Amman, spending couple days in resorts or several weeks treatments: anything can work perfectly! Still i suggest that if you want to experience the best of the Dead Sea, make sure to stay here for 2 days at the Resort.

Check Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea as the best option to stay at the Dead Sea.
Check my blog post HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE DEAD SEA IN JORDAN for more details about it.


There is big chance, that you want to come to Jordan for one reason: to see Petra! No surprise as this place is not only World Wonder and UNESCO Heritage Site, but one of the most magical place on Earth with strong story. Visiting Petra is awesome experience: the place still got it’s energy and magic, it is way more than ruins – it is someones dream that came true and still exists after centuries. It is the voice of previous generations that talk with us. The city of Petra is still, probably, one of the most isolated and well protected places on Earth. When you came here, you totally understand how it could be lost for such a long time: it wasn’t lost, it was hidden!

Petra is good enough reason to come to Jordan, but still not the only one. And surely it could be really packed. If you want to avoid crowds in Petra, I can strongly recommend you not to visit it as a day tour from the neighbours: you will be packed with the groups, pay a lot and will always be in a rush. Please, don’t do it! Instead, dedicate 1 or 2 full days for it and stay somewhere around it. If you can, try to visit Petra in Monday and avoid Friday and Saturday, this will help you to make way better experience as there are much less tourist around. When i was in Monday there were no busses and no groups, only some individuals and it was really great experience with very little people around.


Check Movenpick Resort Petra as a great option to stay in Petra. Great hotel with amazing design, located right next to the entrance to Petra. Super convenient!


Have you ever been to Mars? If you want to have a good sneak pick and try your skills, make sure not to miss Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is a desert, located in Jordan with mind blowing views! I am personally not a big fan of deserts and before visiting Wadi Rum, i thought that they are all the same and once is enough. But not here: this mix of light, rocks, sand and accessibility is amazing. You will be treated like a king by very kind people and see something truly unique and amazing. Visiting Wadi Rum is so unique for many reasons: usually you need a Jeep tour to explore it, but it won’t be crazy sand dunes rides, the ride was much smoother than i expected. You can stay there for the night to enjoy the stars or stay for a dinner with beduins if you feel for it.

I choose to make a couple of hours jeep tour as a side journey from Petra, because i personally don’t want to sleep in the desert at that moment (it sounds romantic, but i have heard only funny, but not too good feedbacks generally). It was a good choice as it took me around 6 hours to see everything including transportation there and back and take good pics. I really enjoyed it that way and surely make the best of it!


Day 1: Arrive to Amman, spend the rest of the day in downtown
Day 2: Explore Amman
Day 3: Side trip to Jerash
Day 4: Early morning rise and head to Petra, explore Petra
Day 5: Jeep tour to Wadi Rum and at night move to the Dead Sea
Day 6: Enjoy The Dead Sea at the Resort
Day 7: Enjoy the Dead sea and head to the Airport

If you want to spend more time in Jordan, you can easily add 1 more day to explore Petra and visit Petra by Night (make sure to check the shedule, it’s not daily), you can spend a lot of time at the Dead Sea and just invest in yourself (one extra day would be perfect). And of course, Aqaba is the place to enjoy Red sea and spend some time o the beach.

Jordan is surely one of the best modern tourist destination now, they have done a lot to make sure you will have a good time. I was surprised in the best way is it got so much for everyone: adventures, architecture, history, authentic life, markets, traditions, unique places and experiences and amazing opportunities to spend some really good time. You will feel yourself here welcomed and well treated and enjoy every moment of your week in Jordan.

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